The European Federation of Local Solidarity


It's the same story all over Europe: social bonds tend to fade away whilst people are more isolated and self-centred. In this context, values such as citizenship, brotherhood, tolerance are considered as essential in our society.

This is why the European Federation of Local Solidarity (EFLS) has decided to promote local solidarities, which stand for those social bonds that anyone can create and develop every day in their neighbourhood, and which are needed to embed these values permanently into the European society. This leading idea and its applications allow social cohesion to be born anew between European citizens of various social and cultural backgrounds.

Since local solidarity belongs to everyone and because everyone can take part in it, there must be more cooperation between all of the stakeholders concerned (local representatives, housing organizations, volunteer organisations, citizens, research sector...) and the cooperation should extend beyond national borders.

"Because local solidarity requires everyone to understand that just a few minutes of care can change a great deal, a thorough concept of solidarity should be reflected on, applied, developed and eventually disseminated in order to make it a part of the daily life of each citizen."