The EFLS: networking and thinking at a European level

Local solidarity can be carried out by various means. This is why the EFLS is building a network of organisations and stakeholders to allow a multi-sector thinking process in order to conclude what local solidarity is today, and what it could be in the future. For more information, you can consult a study realized by the EFLS by the time of its creation. 

Because the European Union brings together Member States with different cultures, different issues at stake and different policy priorities, this European network , which highly involves civil society, makes it possible for a focused and precise analysis to be drawn on the fields of action of crucial importance for each state and region in accordance with the needs and expectations of their citizens.

This network enables all the actors of the development of local solidarity to work together and cross-wise because each and every one of them can complete the work with his or her expertise and expectations. This creates a truly constructive and thorough approach.

The different themes worked upon cross-wise are:

  • Housing ;
  • Education ;
  • Culture ;
  • Ties between different age groups ;
  • The volunteer sector ;
  • City policies.